The significance of going blind in

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The significance of going blind in

Posted on July 12, 16 comments There has long been a question as to what types of events and processes are responsible for the highest-energy neutrinos coming from space and observed by scientists.

Another question, probably related, is what creates the majority of high-energy cosmic rays — the particles, mostly protonsthat are constantly raining down upon the Earth. In recent years, there has been some indirect evidence that blazars — narrow jets of particles, pointed in our general direction like the barrel of a gun, and created as material swirls near and almost into giant black holes in the centers of very distant galaxies — may be responsible for the high-energy neutrinos.

Strong direct evidence in favor of this hypothesis has just been presented today. Last year, one of these blazars flared brightly, and the flare created both high-energy neutrinos and high-energy photons that were observed within the same period, coming from the same place in the sky.

IceCube has already made important discoveries, detecting a new class of high-energy neutrinos. On Sept 22 of last year, one of these very high-energy neutrinos was observed at IceCube.

More precisely, a muon created underground by the collision of this neutrino with an atomic nucleus was observed in IceCube.

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To create the observed muon, the neutrino must have had a motion-energy tens of thousand times larger than than the motion-energy of each proton at the Large Hadron Collider LHC. The IceCube scientists immediately reported their neutrino observation to scientists with high-energy photon detectors.

So the IceCube folks went back to their older data to snoop around. This confirms that this blazar is indeed a source of neutrinos. The full picture, still emerging, tends to support the idea that the blazar arises from a supermassive black hole, acting as a natural particle accelerator, making a narrow spray of particles, including protons, at extremely high energy.

The significance of going blind in

These protons, millions of times more energetic than those at the Large Hadron Collider, then collide with more ordinary particles that are just wandering around, such as visible-light photons from starlight or infrared photons from the ambient heat of the universe.

And its those resulting photons and neutrinos which have now been jointly observed. Since cosmic rays, the mysterious high energy particles from outer space that are constantly raining down on our planet, are mostly protons, this is evidence that many, perhaps most, of the highest energy cosmic rays are created in the natural particle accelerators associated with blazars.

Many scientists have suspected that the most extreme cosmic rays are associated with the most active black holes at the centers of galaxies, and now we have evidence and more details in favor of this idea.

It now appears likely that that this question will be answerable over time, as more blazar flares are observed and studied.

Of course, something like this already happened inwhen a supernova was seen by eye, and also observed in neutrinos.

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But in this case, the neutrinos and photons have energies millions and billions of times larger!It is looted from Blind Lake Sturgeon School. In the Meat category. An item from World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

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What made you want to look up go blind? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Apr 25,  · The Significance of Kneeling. As we either grow up in the church or begin participating in services after salvation we are exposed to a lot of traditions that don’t really seem rooted in anything.

blind play: sightless: having less than ¹/₁₀ of normal vision in the more efficient eye when refractive defects are fully corrected by lenses. Teleology or finality is a reason or explanation for something in function of its end, purpose, or goal.

It is derived from two Greek words: telos (end, goal, purpose) and logos (reason, explanation). A purpose that is imposed by a human use, such as that of a fork, is called extrinsic.

Natural teleology, common in classical philosophy but controversial today, contends that natural entities.

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