The maintenance of the road sweeper

Today, it is known that routine street sweeping has so many more benefits beyond just aesthetics — keeping storm drainage systems clear, improving stormwater runoff quality and improving air quality among others. Providing the public with routine street sweeping services will undoubtedly achieve aesthetic and safety goals by keep city streets clean and clear of leaves, trash and other debris that could become a safety hazard to local automobile, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

The maintenance of the road sweeper

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An underestimated highway danger! Almost always the problem of metal debris on roads and highways is underestimated when sweeping operations start because no one person or entity bears the burden of flat tires and no data exists on the numbers or costs of metal debris problems.

Luckily much of this debris either lands on the side of the road as it falls off, or it somehow gets hit by a vehicle after landing on the road and ends up on the side of the road afterward. But there is always some debris that lands and stays on the road.

This debris can be hit by vehicles causing flat tires or accidents. Metal debris on roads and side of roads just keeps accumulating. Luckily cleaning debris from roads and sides of roads is quite easy to do with a magnetic sweeper. Metal debris picked up by shovel and hand is a slow process Metal debris picked up by the Piranha magnetic sweeper is fast and easy Piranha tow behind magnetic sweeper Wrasse hanging magnetic bar on the front of a truck ISO hanging magnetic bar under a road sweeper Take a bite out of metal debris hazards!

Choose from a Piranha tow behind magnetic sweeper, Wrasse or ISO hanging magnetic sweeper For large multi-lane divided highways with paved shoulders there is usually a periodic cleanup of road sides with major debris being picked up by hand by personnel deployed in a pickup truck.

In this case the pickup truck can be equipped with a tow behind Piranha magnetic sweeper as the personnel and truck pick up the larger debris.

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If pickup trucks are routinely patrolling the road sides they can also be outfitted with a ISO hanging magnetic bar. In either case the grader or tractor travels down the gravel shoulder of the road at a relatively slow speed providing the perfect opportunity to sweep for harmful metal debris by attaching a hanging magnetic sweeper to the tractor and grader.

Similarly, when line painting is done, it is a perfect opportunity to sweep for metal debris on the roads themselves by attaching a hanging magnetic sweeper from the trucks or using the tow behind piranha magnetic sweeper. Application Driven Design We have manufactured and developed application driven magnetic products since Rural Roots Working from rural southern Ontario, our business has grown and now sprawls over several properties using former agricultural buildings.Tracey Road Equipment is the premiere heavy-duty truck and construction equipment dealership in New York State!

We offer a complete range of new & used sales and rental equipment, as well as full service, parts, warranty, and financing capabilities. The FOD*BOSS Airfield FOD Sweeper removes Foreign Object Debris and foreign object damage sweeping runways, ramps, airports, air forces, airlines.

Manufactured, invented and patented by Aerosweep. Road Sweepers – Repair and Maintenance 25 August, Here at Go Plant we have over 20 years experience in the road sweepers industry and this makes us perfectly placed to offer a comprehensive road sweeper repair and maintenance service countrywide.

Preventive Maintenance Critique of a Sweeper near Bordeaux, France. Our editor provides preventive maintenance tips by citing what not to do, as evidenced by a sweeper he saw near Bordeaux, France.

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The maintenance of the road sweeper

If you need a contract road sweeping solution then we can provide road sweepers with drivers for you over any long term period. STREET SWEEPER, SELF-PROPELLED Preventive Maintenance Checklist Comments: Note: The items below should be inspected during a typical preventive maintenance check.

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