The importance of jackie robinson

For one game every year, each player on the field is allowed to wear the 42 of Jackie Robinson to honor the struggles he faced and his accomplishments. Here are some fun facts about this man that you may not have heard. He actually took 5 years off from playing baseball in order to play professional football and serve in the military during World War II. He played golf very well too and because the first student athlete in UCLA history to letter in 4 different sports.

The importance of jackie robinson

For one group of kids in New York, going to the ballpark was about more than watching a game. The purpose of the program is to inspire and motivate kids to reach their fullest potential. Organizers of the program will hold Citi Field Kids events throughout the baseball season with 1, area students participating in the program.

Each event will give Citi Field Kids the opportunity to hear about the life and lessons of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American player in major-league baseball. He broke baseball's color barrier in when he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The importance of jackie robinson

When he played for the Dodgers, he dealt with threats and racism. People would yell at him and throw things at him from the stands. Off the field, he faced those same struggles. But he never quit, and changed baseball forever. By bravely breaking the color barrier and not giving up, Robinson became an American leader and hero.

He showed that people can accomplish great things in the face of adversity as long as they work hard and have courage. In celebrating Robinson, "we celebrate [how much you can accomplish] through determination, through hard work, [and] through very strong character," Elizabeth Gil, a Jackie Robinson Foundation alumna and New York City teacher, said.

It's the main entrance to the park, and it's where the Citi Field Kids began learning about Jackie Robinson.

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Pictures from his life and career are on display in the Rotunda. But the most important things are the nine words engraved in the walls: Those were Robinson's nine core values. He lived by them, and they helped him break barriers. Robinson's nine core values were central to the Citi Field Kids' experience at the ballpark.

They heard presentations from baseball and business leaders, who spoke to the kids about how they overcame adversity by following Robinson's example. He told the kids that because of Jackie Robinson, he was able to overcome poverty and discrimination, to become a baseball player and, eventually, the first Latin American general manager in major-league baseball.

But, he said, you don't have to be a member of a minority group to benefit from Robinson's legacy. The [Jackie Robinson] Rotunda is not only to look back but to look forward, and for you guys to carry the Jackie Robinson name forward.

Click here for biographies, videos, and lesson plans about Jackie Robinson and his family. Jackie Robinson is a hero to a lot of people because he was able to become the first African-American player in major-league baseball.

Who are your heroes?Apr 14,  · Timeline: Key moments, milestones in Jackie Robinson’s life. It was 70 years ago today Jackie Robinson broke the major league color barrier as . This April we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the integration of major league baseball by Jackie Robinson.

It was an event of enormous significance. In , major league baseball was truly America’s pastime, the national game. No other sport was close. "A life is not important," he said, "except in the impact it has on other lives." Jackie Robinson led the way for generations of black athletes.

By that standard, few people -- and no athlete.

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With the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in Major League Baseball coming up on April 15, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns called him "the most important person in the history of baseball."Founded: Sep 18, Jackie Robinson, Why Him? The story of Jackie Robinson has become one of America's most iconic and inspiring stories.

Since , American history has portrayed Jackie Robinson as a hero, and he has been idolized as a role model to the African American baseball community. This bestselling account of the most important season in baseball history, , tells the dramatic story of how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and changed baseball forever.

April 15, , marked the most important opening day in baseball history.

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