Regwrite autoit script

Removed the obsolete and undocumented 5-parameter mode of RegRead, which was exclusively for AutoIt v2 compatibility the extra parameter was unused. Trivial optimizations and code maintenance. ErrorLevel is not reset or cleared when a new thread starts.

Regwrite autoit script

ControlFocus Sets input focus to a given control on a window.

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ControlGetFocus Returns the ControlRef of the control that has keyboard focus within a specified window. ControlGetHandle Retrieves the internal handle of a control. ControlGetPosHeight Returns the height of a window. ControlGetPosWidth Returns the width of a window. ControlGetText Retrieves text from a control.

ControlMove Moves a control within a window. ControlSend Sends a string of characters to a control. ControlSetText Sets text of a control.

regwrite autoit script

ControlShow Shows a control that was hidden. DriveMapAdd Maps a network drive. DriveMapDel Disconnects a network drive. DriveMapGet Retreives the details of a mapped drive.

IniDelete Deletes a value from a standard format. IniRead Reads a value from a standard format. Init Resets AutoIt to defaults window delays, key delays, etc. IniWrite Writes a value to a standard format. IsAdmin Checks if the current user has administrator privileges. MouseClick Perform a mouse click operation.

MouseClickDrag Perform a mouse click and drag operation. MouseDown Perform a mouse down event at the current mouse position.

MouseMove Moves the mouse pointer to the specified coordinates.The magic key that you need to change is: EnableJavaUpdate=0. If you’re going to use a GPP, I would say that you’re quite set now. Just add the registry information above to a GPP registry update policy.

There are a number of methods for running a programming on restart. The easiest is just to copy it to the startup folder.

After the program is run it can be deleted, there are examples on the forum of a self-deleting file as well. The particular issue in this case, wasn't that the script to set the binary values had issues - it's that just by right-clicking a particular printer and selecting "properties", Reviews: 9.

May 30,  · Hello, I am trying to write the following code through autoit with RegWrite Function and i don't know how we do!

REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\TOTO]. Jan 02,  · RegWrite as administrator - posted in Ask for Help: Hey guys.

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Trying to do a simple RegWrite. On Windows 7 machines this does not work unless I compile the script and run it as administrator.

I wrote a AutoIt program that use RegWrite to add several registry value. I tested it as 'Domain Admins' and it fail to write, I runned it as local 'Administrator' and the values where changed.

regwrite autoit script

I tested my script on an other domain, and it worked as expected ('Domain Admins' can write).

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