Rabostic model

Unlike many marketing communications texts Integrated Marketing Communications, as its title suggests, takes an explicitly integrated approach to the subject.

Rabostic model

Research is important in any marketing campaign as it can make or break a product. With the move from Spain to LA the social factors could be key, this needs to be looked at on order to obtain whether this has had an adverse effect or acted to further the Beckham brand.

Rabostic model

The celebrity endorsed fragrance market has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, this has been in majority the female market but recently the male market has been growing slowly. The use of dual launches can help on cost as the amount spent on two separate launches compared to one is huge and using one advertising campaign could help to attract audience, whereas with two separate confusion could occur.

The decision making unit could allow the advert to attract couples with the two influencing each other in buying the fragrances. As such, they play a significant role in the creation of an image — a means of presenting the to others. The usage of the product is important a the advert gives of the impression that the like most fragrances that when warn will create appeal to the opposite sex, so using this type of psycho graphic appeal will attract consumers, as with research its important to look at the usage for the fragrances.

Wilkie, illustrates the use of fragrances within this are: With the increase of fragrance launches in the past few years and in particularly celebrity fragrances the amount of money that is being sent on advertising and launching a product has increased.

An example of this spending can be seen in the research by Mintel into the amounts spent. The positioning of themselves in the market against its competitors is key to whether the product will be a success as price is a good buying signal.

Again the research on usage will of enabled them to identify this. The reason why this advert will appeal to its audience is not only because of the Beckham name but with the sex appeal which will attract the audience.

The placing of the advert is key to it being seen by its target, the advert has appeared in several different types of magazine.

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The advert has also appeared celebrity magazines such as OK! To make sure that if improvement is needed or it can be implemented better I.a logical structure around the three key models of marketing communications―the IMC Process Model, the IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model, and the IMC Mix Model applied, real-world examples, including viewpoints from leading practitioners and academicsReviews: Following the RABOSTIC model for planning will help ensure your campaign is the success you want it to be Research is the phase that is often missed, but if you don’t check back at what you’ve done before, look at what others are doing and what’s happening in the wider marketplace, then you might not [ ].

IMC RABOSTIC Planning IMC Model marketing communications occur, the Model How IMC is put into How integrated marketing communications action through the way in which they are planned and the are planned, organised and managed mix and the media tools and .

Integrated Marketing Communications Planning Model Promotional program situation analysis Analysis of the communications process Budget determination Develop integrated marketing communications programs The IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model.

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Situational Analysis Researching the current. " a logical structure around the three key models of marketing communications-the IMC Process Model, the IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model, and the IMC Mix Model " applied, real-world examples, including viewpoints from leading practitioners and academics.

Campaign evaluation: control • R esearch & Analysis • A udiences • B udget • O bjectives • S trategy • T actics • I mplementation • C ontrol The IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model 1. Situational A nalysis Researching the current environment into which marketing communications will fit.

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