Nike sweat shops

Share via Email Nike employees continue to face poverty, harassment, dismissal and violent intimidation despite its pledge three years ago to improve conditions for the ,strong global workforce. A new report, Still Waiting For Nike To Do It, published by the San Francisco-based Global Exchange, says Nike workers still toil for excessive hours in high-pressure work environments while not earning enough to meet the basic needs of their children. The report's findings will further embarrass a company already discredited by consumer groups for exploitation of labour. In Nike was severely embarrassed when a US magazine featured a photograph of a young Pakistani boy sewing together a Nike football.

Nike sweat shops

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It may seem like a flashback to the s, when Nike became the poster child for corporate irresponsibility and was regularly targeted by anti-sweatshop activists.

But in recent months Nike has lost much of that goodwill, amid similar allegations, and is sparking new protests led by a new generation of activists. He anticipates about 30 others will join him. Instead, it was kicked out by Gildan Inc.

Nike sweat shops

It is the biggest sports apparel manufacturer in the world. So our goal is to improve worker conditions and practices. Two years ago, Nike stopped allowing independent inspectors to monitor working conditions at Nike factories, saying that it would instead carry out these checks on its own.

Nike sweat shops

In Cambodiafor instance, workers inside a plant that supplies products to Nike, Puma, Asics, and the VF Corporation were hospitalized after fainting out of exhaustion and hunger as a result of working hour shifts, six days a week, in degree heat. Nike has been a target of anti-sweatshop protests sincewhen an activist produced a report about factory conditions in Indonesia.

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However, over the years, it has attempted to improve its image by increasing monitoring in factories and working with human rights groups to clean up its supply chain. Init became the first in the sportswear industry to be fully transparent about all the factories with which it partners, publicly posting its audits.

Nike has clarified that it continues to allow third-party audits at all of its factories. Student activists, for their part, can apply pressure to university administrators to end contracts with Nike until it can prove it is treating workers properly.

Rutgers has allowed its relationship with Nike to expire and has asked any company that bids on its athletic sponsorship to allow periodic inspections of supplier factories. In the past, Nike has responded to these student protests with targeted measures.

· (Nike’s New Game Plan for Sweatshops) According Nike’s CEO promise, health and safety measures have been considerably improved (it’s actually the main field of improvement) Today · Project nike was a project, proposed in may by bell laboratories, to develop development of icbms decreased the value of the nike aircraft air defense timberdesignmag.coming around , the number of nike Nike worked hard to improve conditions in its factories around the world, but activists say the company has been slipping back into using sweatshops.

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I stopped about 5 years ago. 1) the quality isn't even that good 2) they are retarded over priced 3) sweat shops. Here ya go folks (list of shoe makers And yet here is a documentary from about Nike sweatshops. Operating in /nike_sweatshops_behind_the_swoosh_  · Nike is the undisputed leader of athletic brands.

Between its Nike and Jordan lines, the company controls a shocking 62% of athletic footwear brand share in the US, more than four times the  · Sweatshop (or sweat factory) is a pejorative term for a workplace that has very poor, socially unacceptable working conditions.

The work may History · Contemporary use of the term · Anti-sweatshop

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