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Mr weng

Mr weng

Cantonese pronunciation, computer input, and self-study software for Putonghua Mandarin Pinyin - Free download Introduction Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation are very different. This software arranges together the Chinese characters with similar Cantonese pronunciation, and provides linkage between them.

With a few mouse clicks it displays these characters and their Cantonese Pinyin as well as the Putonghua Mandarin Pinyin; and hence helps the users to learn.

The users may also copy and paste the needed character to any documents. There are about common-use characters. It includes characters common to the simplified and traditional style; and simplified characters and pure traditional characters.

It should be enough for any usual applications. There are some duplicates because the same character may be pronounced Mr weng in various situations. Initials, Finals, and Tones.

Mr weng

They represent the 6 different Tones but all have the same pinyin because almost all Pinyin Input Methods ignore the Tones. Note that the so called Mr weng Tone" is in fact the Finals ending with k,p,and t; and should not be classified as different tones. Traditionally most people use the Yale Pinyin for Cantonese.

It is very similar to the English spelling. Most of the computer software use this Scheme. This software also adopts it and shows it together with the corresponding Putonghua Mandarin Pinyin to suit various purposes. The first line is Jyutping Cantonese Pinyin.

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The second line is its representative Chinese Character with "aa" as the Final. The third line is the English spelling. Striking any line will give the same result. The capital letters are used just for differentiating them from the Finals.

Small letters should be used during computer input. Clicking the Initial will show all the representative characters with various Finals but for the same Initial. Click again the representative character will give all the characters with the same Initial and Final, together with their Cantonese Pinyin and Putonghua Mandarin Pinyin.

To make it easier for selection, characters with different Tones are separated by the period mark. It is also possible to find the required character not by clicking the representative character but just search the pages below. The representative characters with Initial F will be displayed.

The representative characters with Initial T will be displayed. The first 3 columns at the left have no ending sound. The middle 3 have ending sound k, p, and t so called "Inward Tone".

The last 3 columns at the right have nasal ending sound m, n, and ng. To search for a character, first decide which group it belongs to; and then click the character there with similar sound.

All the characters with the same Final will be displayed. Clicking the Initial will show the characters of the same Initial and Final. Alternatively, without the second clicking but just check the page below to get the required character.

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You can see all the characters of the same Final. Again, clicking the Initial "F" will show the required character together with its Cantonese Pinyin and Putonghua Pinyin. Again, clicking the Initial "T" will show the required character.

It is advisable to use the Finals Table instead of the Initials Table. You only need to understand the concept of matching the Finals sound and memorize the Finals Table.

With a couple of clicking you can get the character. The character and all other characters with similar sound will be displayed together with the Cantonese Pinyin and Putonghua Pinyin. Clicking "Next" will get the same character with various pronunciation for different usage.

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Method of Practice 1 Learn to use the Initials Table. Click every Initial and read out the characters and confirm the sound of that Initial.People search results for Yu Qing Weng. Name Age Emails Phones Has Lived In Relatives & Associates Available Information.

Whether it's wrapped in noodles, sizzling in a clay pot, or plucked from a white plate with chopsticks, every bite at Mr. Weng is a celebration of culture and freshness.

The chefs specialize in Chinese cuisine, but roll sushi just as deftly, crafting a menu of Chinese and Japanese classics, ranging from kung pao chicken and cashew shrimp to spicy tuna and yellow tail rolls to teriyaki timberdesignmag.comon: West Airport Boulevard, Sugar Land, , TX.

Mr Weng Chinese Restaurant is located in St. Paul's Bay. Mr Weng Chinese Restaurant is working in Chinese restaurants activities.

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