How to write an expert witness statement

Updates on legal developments by the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office Tuesday, 26 November 10 tips for drafting top witness statements Interview witnesses alone or with an interpreter only, if necessary. Otherwise, it is open to suggestion later that there was collusion between witnesses.

How to write an expert witness statement

Lawyer's Name Lawyer's Address Dear Lawyer's NameThis letter confirms that you have retained me to represent you in connection with the following matter: Pursuant to our agreement, I will provide services to you as an independent professional.

Payment to me for the services I provide is not dependent upon my findings, nor on the outcome of any legal action, mediation, arbitration, or the amount or terms of any settlement of the underlying legal cause, nor on any contractual arrangement between you and any other person or party.

My minimum non-refundable engagement fee for services is Fee Amount Dollars, which shall be due at the time you sign this letter and return it to me. Billings for services performed or expenses incurred shall be charged against the engagement fee until such time as it is exhausted.

You may not identify me as either a testifying or non-testifying expert until such time as the engagement fee has been paid. You agree to compensate me for services rendered as follows: Fees for my services: Fees will be billed by the tenth of an hour, with a minimum charge for any discrete task of two tenths of an how to write an expert witness statement.

An Expert on Some Element of an Event

This rate for testimony shall apply both while I am waiting to give testimony, whether at an office or court, and for time taken for breaks or meals, as well as for time spent actually giving testimony.

At times, I may require the assistance of my investigator, Investigator's Name. Graphic Design and Exhibit Preparation: The fees outlined in this paragraph do not include the cost of materials.

You agree to reimburse me for expenses as follows: Mileage Charge cents per mile; Travel by Air or Train: Expenses associated with photography, reproduction of documents and photographs, preparation of exhibits, storage of materials or evidence, and other reasonable expenditures shall be reimbursed at market rates.

Unless you otherwise instruct, or unless refundable tickets are not available, I will purchase refundable tickets for any necessary travel.

Should you request that I purchase non-refundable tickets in order to travel at a lower cost, or if refundable tickets are not available, you shall reimburse me for the cost of any non-refundable ticket at the rate outlined herein whether or not the ticket is used. You may avoid the ten percent handling fee associated with certain travel expenses by arranging to directly purchase round-trip travel tickets on my behalf, and by arranging for the direct payment of any car rental expense, lodging, and meal expenses by your office.

You have had the opportunity to investigate and verify my credentials, and you agree that I am qualified to perform the services described in this contract. You are responsible for all payments as outlined in this contract, regardless of any arrangement you may have with any party or parties you represent.

I will issue bills on a monthly basis, or whatever other interval I deem appropriate. Bills are due on receipt, and shall be considered delinquent if unpaid more than thirty days after their date of issuance.

how to write an expert witness statement

In the event that a bill remains unpaid for sixty or more days after the date of issuance, I shall have the unrestricted right to resign from performing additional services for the you and your firm on any and all cases that I am working on for your firm.

This agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of State. Any litigation under this agreement shall be resolved in the trial courts of County County, State of State.

Your signature below represents your agreement with the terms set forth herein. Please return a signed copy of this letter to my office, along with the required engagement fee. I accept the terms of this agreement: Lawyer's Typed Name, Client-Attorney. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

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This article was last reviewed or amended on May 7, A witness statement is a professional statement of facts only.

how to write an expert witness statement

Opinion is given by experts only and this should be based on extensive experience, knowledge, and research. For additional information on these topics, including, tips on interviewing witnesses, sample witness statements that you can use, interrogatories, and tips on interviewing the .


The Statement or Report should state your professional qualifications and the expert opinion, but not as an advocate for the child. compensate an expert for time spent in compiling an expert witness disclosure under Fed. R. Civ. P.

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26(a)(2), the lawyer must compensate the expert witness for time spent in a deposition. Fed. the expressions “written evidence”, “affidavit” and “witness statement” interchangeably.

There appear to be four justifications advanced from time to time for evidence in chief being given by way of Affidavit or Witness Statement rather than orally. witness statement, although it would be helpful if such a witness were to do so. If a witness statement is prepared, it should be served on all parties to the proceedings, together with copies of all exhibits.

writing and the written note is disclosed to the other parties.

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