How to write a media advisory for a press conference

Peter Lynch Chart of AF About AlarmForce AlarmForce provides security alarm monitoring, personal emergency response monitoring, video surveillance and related services to residential and commercial subscribers throughout Canada and the United States. More information about AlarmForce's products and services can be found at alarmforce. This press release contains forward-looking information which is not comprised of historical facts.

How to write a media advisory for a press conference

How to Write a Media Alert and When to Send It by Kristen Hamlin - Updated September 26, Whether you work in a busy public relations department for a major corporation, or have been assigned to handle the promotion for a small event, the media alert is one of the most important tools of the trade.

The media alert is an invitation designed to inform the media about your event, such as a press conference or grand opening, and entice them to attend. Describe the basic information about the event; include the who, what, where, when and why.

how to write a media advisory for a press conference

Break each aspect into a separate paragraph, each with its own header. Use clear, compelling language to describe the event, but avoid reporting. A media alert is designed to attract media to an event, not explain the event or provide angles on the news.

Print the media alert on company letterhead. Double check the document for typos, spelling and grammatical errors and confirm that the details of the event are correct.

Media Advisory 02/08/16 California Secretary of State and MapLight Host Press Demo of Independent Expenditure Search Tool to Increase Campaign Finance Transparency. Media Advisory. Universal Postal Union - Ministerial Strategy Conference starts on 6 September in Addis Ababa. Media are invited to cover the Universal Postal Union’s Ministerial Strategy Conference, September, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Media Advisory on 11th World Hindi Conference. April 07, Coming soon. Comments.

Prepare your media contact list. Each media outlet has its own preference for receiving alerts, but most prefer fax or email. Confirm that the contact information you have for each person is correct to avoid wasting time. Send the media alert at least 24 hours before the event, if possible.

If the media alert is for a last-minute press conference, or an offer for an expert on a news story, send it as soon as possible, preferably with at least an hour or two of notice. Follow up the media alert with a telephone call if you want to confirm that key media received the alert and plan to attend, or if it is going out on short notice.

Post the media alert to your company website, and add information about the event to your company social media feeds, if applicable.

If the media follows you online, they can get information from those sources immediately, which is especially important if they are out in the field and do not receive your printed alert.

Tips Keep the media alert short, no more than one page.

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Make it clear that there will be opportunities for photos and videos at the media event. References Mass Media Distribution: She is the author of Graduate! She has a B.A media alert will trumpet an upcoming event (press conference, grand opening, groundbreaking, significant speech, photo op, etc.).

Naturally, you would never distribute a media alert at a press conference -- the media is already there with you! A press release is written in the style of news coverage, as the.

Forward-looking information contained or referred to in this press release includes, but may not be limited to, AlarmForce's future enhancement and development of products, AlarmForce's proposed write down and possible other write downs of assets or investments (and the timing thereof) and other actions which may impact financial performance.

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How Press Conferences Work | HowStuffWorks A media advisory is a one-page sheet that alerts reporters to an upcoming news event. It is sent out several days before the event and is followed up with a phone call. A press release announces breaking news and is written like a news story.

A media advisory alerts the media, in a concise manner, to upcoming events (like a press conference). Think of it like an invitation that answers only the important questions: Who, .

002018 - Ministerial Strategy Conference starts on 6 September in Addis Ababa

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