Danone activia social media case study

How I Got Off Nexium. This post was written almost 8 years ago! That is hard to believe.

Danone activia social media case study

Sarah Pursey, Regulatory Affairs Officer at Danone Baby Nutrition, explains how using Meltwater to monitor online newshelps keep the organisation ahead of the curve and track social media for reputation management and trends that are important to their customers.

While it was not relating to our business directly we were able to learn how BPA can affect babies, train our Careline staff quickly with questions and answers, so that we were prepared straightaway when our customers began inquiring.


But, having this information a couple of hours before the news hit the UK press allowed us to thoroughly check, so that we were able to reassure our customers that all our products were fine and ensure effective reputation management.

Now, in the Digital age, brands such as Danone must ensure that they are engaging with their consumers online and on social media.

Monitoring Opinions through Social Media: Celebrity Endorsements Recently, Danone produced a television advert. In order to monitor consumer opinion on all social media channels, a campaign was set up with Meltwater.

The response to the advert across Twitter and Facebook was overwhelming, even with an unexpected celebrity endorsement that in turn created 19, hits. Meltwater was able to trace every one, from across the globe and show sentiment and insights into the influencers very quickly.

Nutricia Medical is a recognised leader in specialised nutrition, Nutricia has a mission to lead the use of Advanced Medical Nutrition in disease management with a broad and unique portfolio of products and the ambition to deliver only proven benefits through nutrition, as an integral part of disease treatment.

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The Turning of the Tide

Case Presentation Group 4 Matthew Cruz, Brooke Feery,Jacob Hostetler, Daniela Nicula, ManhDuc Tran. The Danone Case: How social innovation can help a multinational company reinvent itself The Danone Case: How social innovation can help a multinational company reinvent itself The example of Danone provides a concrete framework to study the initiatives taken by multinational companies from first-world countries to address the low-income.

Danone activia social media case study

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Danone Activia Engages Customers Using Social Media. Groupe Danone is a multinational food processing company (known as Dannon in the U.S.) and the maker of Activia .

Social Media. FTC Social Media Chats; Tweeting FTC Events; Blogs. Competition Matters FTC challenges Dannon’s claims for Activia Yogurt and DanActive A document called Studies on Bifidobacterium DN from Danone again referred to the Meance studies without mentioning that the groups that ate Activia didn’t show a statistically.

UPDATE (3/8/18): This post was written almost 8 years ago! That is hard to believe. I get emails occasionally asking how I’m doing now, so I thought I’d write a quick update at the beginning of this post.

Expert's Answer The New Order News from the home front:
Search form French food giant, Danone Group, is a world leader in bottled water by volume and fresh dairy products and second in biscuits and cereals, with presence in over six continents. Americans ate less yogurt compared to Europeans and preferred fruits and vegetables and relied mainly on the tablets, piles syrups etc.
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