Buy paper online malaysia

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Buy paper online malaysia

Some of the questions that I get asked most frequently are about paper quilling strips. Is it worth the extra expense to buy pre-cut strips?

Can I use a paper shredder to cut strips?

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Hopefully this post will answer all questions regarding this topic! This post is Buy paper online malaysia opinion and My preferences. When I first started quilling I was ten years old. I got a book about quilling at the library.

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I did not have any quilling paper, tools, or anything. I used a toothpick as a tool and I cut my own strips. At first I would use lined paper and just cut those strips and use them. If I wanted them colored, I would color the paper with marker or paints and then cut the strips out.

After a couple years of that I moved on to colored papers. I would mark the measurements with a ruler on each side, draw the lines, and cut the paper strips. After a couple more years I started using a razor blade and ruler to cut the strips.

This was my method for the next several years. So I know all about cutting your own paper strips! When I went to college and got a job, I finally had some pocket money. I was so excited to purchase some pre-cut quilling paper.

It was a joy to use! No cutting, no rough edges, no uneven strips. I could focus on quilling and not on cutting paper. Another benefit of buying pre-cut quilling paper is that you can purchase acid-free paper.

But papers from the bigger companies Quilled Creations, Lake City Craft, and many more are all labeled as acid free.

This is not so important if you are making things like bookmarks, gift tags, etc.

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But if you are making frames and other items that you want to stick around for a long time, you want to make sure they stay looking nice! If you are cutting your own paper, look for paper that is labeled acid free if that is important to you.

The weight of a paper also makes a difference. Thinner and thicker papers curl differently and hold their curls differently. I do not know the weight of all quilling papers, but papers from Lake City Craft are between 60 and 80 pounds text weight, which is equivalent to gsm.

Papers here in Malaysia are labeled in gsm. Normal printer paper that I see here in Malaysia is usually labeled around g, so it is thinner than usual quilling paper.

If you are going to cut your own quilling paper and you want it to have a smooth curl, look for heavier paper instead of plain printer paper. Yes, you can cut your own paper strips with a paper shredder.

Here are some pros and cons of using pre-cut paper and cutting your own paper: Cutting Your Own Paper click here to view a tutorial post on how to cut your own strips!

You can usually purchase sheets of paper from quilling companies to cut your own strips from. So you can save some money, but still have the same paper.We’re not just an ecommerce software, Shopify is the best ecommerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person.

Buy paper online malaysia

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Buy paper online malaysia

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