Blue ridge case 5 4 analysis

James Earl Byrd, the plaintiff, was employed by R. Byrd touched a live wire and suffered injuries while connecting power lines to one of the new substations. He brought a claim against his employer, Bouligny, and collected workmen's compensation, his guaranteed but only remedy for work-related injuries under state law.

Blue ridge case 5 4 analysis

Jacobsen 25 Cal. Opinion by Brown, J. Concurring opinion by George, C.

Concurring opinion by Mosk, J. Lloyd and Paul J. Rules of Court, rule Here, at the time it accepted defense of the insureds, the insurer reserved its right to dispute coverage for any settlement contribution made to the injured third party.

However, when a reasonable settlement offer was subsequently tendered, the insureds refused to agree the insurer could settle if the insureds would be liable for reimbursing the insurer for any noncovered claims. They also refused to either assume their own defense, or agree the settlement offer was unreasonable, and hence could not be the basis for a later bad faith action based on the [25 Cal.

Under such circumstances, we conclude an insurer may be reimbursed for a reasonable settlement payment made over the objection of its insureds.

Blue ridge case 5 4 analysis

Blue Ridge, supra, F. They specialized in importing champion German shepherd and Rottweiler dogs from Germany and reselling them in the United States. The Bolognesis had purchased several dogs from Brigitte Jacobsen, some directly from her kennel, and some specifically imported from Germany by her at their request.

The Bolognesis sued the Jacobsens, alleging theories of product liability, negligence, and fraud. Blue Ridge agreed to defend the Jacobsens subject to a reservation of rights which provided: Shortly thereafter, Blue Ridge brought a declaratory judgment action seeking adjudication of the coverage issue.

It was this federal declaratory relief action that ultimately led to the question certified to this court by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The "[p]laintiff makes no secret of the purpose of this policy limits demand: Although plaintiffs would actively pursue the assets of the Jacobsens after obtaining such a judgment, if She suffered 17 fractures to her left arm, and both arms were torn apart with severe tissue loss.

She required a venous transplantation from her leg to her arm, together with muscle and skin grafting, leaving her with terrible scarring.

She had undergone 17 separate surgeries.

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This date was subsequently extended to June 12, A series of letters between Blue Ridge and counsel for the Jacobsens ensued. On June 4,Blue Ridge informed the Jacobsens that it had determined the settlement offer was reasonable. It proposed to accept the demand under a reservation of its right to seek recovery of the settlement amount from the Jacobsens.

It also gave the Jacobsens the option to assume their own defense if they found the settlement offer unreasonable. If Blue Ridge did not hear from the Jacobsens by June 10,it would assume they had no objection and would "proceed to accept the settlement demand under a full and complete reservation of rights including the right to seek reimbursement from [the Jacobsens] for the amounts so paid.

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Should your client care to exercise its rights under the policy to settle the claim, then it may do so, pay the settlement and close its books on this matter. However, the Jacobsens [25 Cal. The fact that the Jacobsens would not consent to your settlement will not be a defense in an action for a wrongful refusal to settle.

On June 14,Blue Ridge responded, reiterating its proposal to accept the settlement under a reservation of rights, but first offering the Jacobsens the opportunity to assume their own defense.

While Blue Ridge does not necessarily share your view of the law in this regard, Blue Ridge does propose to do exactly what you contend Blue Ridge is obligated to do: If we are incorrect in our interpretation of your June 10, letter in this regard, please advise.

Bolognesi voluntarily assumed the risk of her injury, you must candidly concede that there is likewise evidence to support a finding of liability on the part of the Jacobsens as well as evidence negating the defense of assumption of risk.


The Jacobsens are unwilling to give Blue Ridge that agreement. The Jacobsens have advised you of the reasons why they believe that the defense of the claim is necessary and justified.

But in pursuing such a course of conduct, it is protecting its own interests. As such, it is not entitled to reimbursement for payments made in settlement.

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Such a statement by you, on behalf of the Jacobsens, would be considered by Blue Ridge as relieving Blue Ridge of any obligations to settle the case for what Blue Ridge considers to be a reasonable settlement figure within its policy limits, and would amount to a waiver by your clients of any claim of breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing based upon the failure of Blue Ridge to accept the demand within the policy limits.Blue Ridge has recently implemented a new software system that includes an ABC module (called OROS Quick®), which you will use to build your cost assignment model and to respond to a number of.

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9’.“44%(16). Case Information Z Blue Ridge Road Location Southeast of the Wade Avenue and Blue Ridge Road interchange.

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