An analysis of the many different types of child abuse

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An analysis of the many different types of child abuse

An analysis of the many different types of child abuse

Neglect What is Physical Child Abuse? Physical child abuse is an injury resulting from physical aggression. Even if the injury was not intended, the act is considered physical abuse.

The injury from physical child abuse may be the result of: Beating, slapping, or hitting. Pushing, shaking, kicking, or throwing.

Pinching, biting, choking, or hair-pulling. Burning with cigarettes, scalding water, or other hot objects. Is physical punishment the same as physical abuse? Physical abuse is an injury resulting from physical aggression.

Physical punishment is the use of physical force with the intent of inflicting bodily pain, but not injury, for the purpose of correction or control.

As you can see, physical punishment can easily get out of control and become physical abuse. Some other specific types of physical child abuse are: Shaken Baby Syndrome - Shaking a baby or toddler can cause serious head injuries.

Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome - Inducing medical illness in a child or wrongly convincing others that a child is sick is both dangerous and abusive. Drug use during pregnancy - Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy or lactation can be harmful to your child, leading to problems such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Hundreds of thousands of children are physically abused each year by someone close to them, and thousands of children die from the injuries.

For those who survive, the emotional scars are deeper than the physical scars. Some Signs of Physical Child Abuse Burns, bite marks, cuts, bruises, or welts in the shape of an object.

Resistance to going home. What is Child Sexual Abuse? Sexual abuse of a child is any sexual act between an adult and a child, including penetration, intercourse, incest, rape, oral sex, and sodomy.

What is child abuse?

Fondling - Touching or kissing a child's genitals, making a child fondle an adult's genitals. Violations of bodily privacy - Forcing a child to undress, spying on a child in the bathroom or bedroom. Exposing children to adult sexuality - Performing sexual acts in front of a child, exposing genitals, telling "dirty" stories, showing pornography to a child.

Commercial exploitation - Sexual exploitation through child prostitution or child pornography. Regardless of the child's behavior or reactions, it is the responsibility of the adult not to engage in sexual acts with children.Understanding the Six Types of Neglect When you think of a neglected child, you probably imagine a child without sufficient food, clothing, or shelter.

Many people (even professionals) often have that misconception due to a poor federal definition of child neglect and a predominant focus on abuse instead of neglect in () Different Types Of Child Abuse: Victims of child abuse show many different signs that they have been abused depending which sort of abuse they have received.

An analysis of the many different types of child abuse

Different types of child abuse include Physical abuse; actually hurting the child via hitting, kicking, scalding ect. Describes the impact of physical abuse on pediatric and adult health, risk factors for child physical abuse, histories that suggest child abuse, and the types of injuries that are due to physical abuse, such as bruising, skeletal injuries, and head trauma.

The co-occurrence of different forms of child maltreatment has been examined only to a limited extent and the specific causes, consequences, prevention, and treatment of selected types of child abuse and neglect is relatively unknown.

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics These resources present statistics and data on the different types of abuse and neglect as well as the abuse and neglect of children with disabilities, abuse and neglect in out-of-home care, recurrence, and fatalities.

Sexual child abuse is a type of maltreatment, violation, and exploitation that refers to the involvement of the child in sexual activity to provide sexual gratification or financial benefit to the perpetrator. Types of Child Abuse.

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