Adverse impact

Based on 5 documents Examples of Material Adverse Impact in a sentence No litigation, claim, or other proceeding before any court or governmental agency is currently pending or threatened against the Company which would have a Material Adverse Impact on the Company. GT and each of its Subsidiaries have complied with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations affecting the business of GT and each of its Subsidiaries including, but not limited to, laws regulating GT's or its Subsidiaries' sales or the furnishing of services to Receivable Debtors and disclosures in connection 32 therewith, except where the failure to so comply would not have a Material Adverse Impact; 7.

Adverse impact

It requires an act of inventiveness known as adverse impact analysis that is integrated while formulating the project plans. Numerous risks that may be known, perceived or anticipated are inherent and associated in all types of businesses for almost every activity like building constructions, use of properties whether public or private, hiring and termination policies and processesand handling and transport of cash and goods, just to mention a few.

Adverse impact

The objective of adverse impact analysis is not to disqualify or exclude a method or procedure that has been proved to be potentially dangerous or damaging to life and property. Such methods or procedures are deemed essential to the completion and attainment of a goal. What the analysis aims to achieve is to identify them in order to put in place the mitigating measures that would curtail their effects.

That way, the damaging effects can be controlled or managed if not totally precluded from happening, since the activities to which they are related are necessary to a project or business process.

Yerkes and Dodson Case Study Example: Cash-in-Transit CIT Adverse Impact Analysis and Assessment The handling of cash-in-transit is an essential activity to banks, pawnshops, foreign exchange dealers, CIT security service providers and other businesses that require the transport of large sums of cash to and from the business place and the depository banks.

The nature of this particular transaction is highly susceptible to risks, as it attracts felons and presents potentially life-threatening detriments faced by employees involved in the handling and transport of CITs.

The following pertains to the assessment of adverse impacts after all threats, risks and hazards have been identified. Assessment of all evidence that leads to the occurrences of potentially negative effects, with a mindset that is free from bias or partiality.

There should be proper consultation with employees and any other persons who are legally involved with handling CIT as part of business procedure. However, due care should be taken by limiting the number of individuals involved in the actual planning in observance of a CIT transaction's confidential nature.

Assessments of adverse risks should be conducted by referring to the following but should not be limited to: Past records of CIT adverse incidents whether internal or external to the institution, including those known to the industry associations, police force, government regulating bodies for CITs, and occupational health and safety consultants.

An unwanted and unanticipated result of taking a particular the context of business employment decisions, an adverse impact refers to a disparity in selection for hiring or promotion that disadvantages individuals of a particular race, ethnicity or Brexit: Adverse Impact for UK’s Oil, Gas Industry Unlikely June 27, The people of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union is unlikely to have a major adverse impact on the country’s oil and gas industry, companies and organizations involved in the sector the damaging or unwanted impact on select sects of employment or various other businesses considered to be prejudiced. Commonly referred to as disparate

Consultation with a professional crime analyst who can perform an assessment of the adverse risks present in the general areas of responsibilities and in the CIT system.

This is in order to identify the critical routes, areas, thoroughfares and methods used, all considered as unavoidable for transporting CITs.

Adverse impact

Feedback of clients who require CIT servicing. Statistical data of crimes involving CIT services and activities; particular attention should be given to the places and modus operandi.

Define the necessity of including the phase, method or procedure despite its adverse impact, by providing the justifications for its deviations from the standards.

Adverse Impact

Describing the purpose of CIT and its related activities in relation to the business. Establishing the criteria and conditions that necessitate CIT servicing, including justifications for using non-armored or soft-skin vehicles. Please proceed to the next page for the continuation of our Case Study Example: Measure the degree of each risk by using an impact analysis ratio or other practical method of quantifying the high and marginal risks that require mitigation, i.

Pareto rule, Gantt charts, PERT analysis, the use of statistical evidence or court case decisions and rulings, and past records of insurance recoveries. Consider the worst outcome in the event that the hazard or threats will occur, which pertains to fatalities, injuries, amount of cash involved, environmental or site damages.

Use the Adverse Impact Analysis Worksheet discussed in page 3 of this article, where you can find the link to the free, downloadable worksheet template.

Affirm that there are no other alternative measures to replace said phase, method or procedure after comparisons are made against all external sources of qualified, reliable, complete and verifiable data.

There should be proper consultations with the insurance underwriter and head of local and state police, as well as other crime prevention forces, industry associations and an OHSA consultant.

Compile all relevant federal, statutory, local and common laws; codes of business ethics, publications containing reviews, editorial insights, consumer group issues, concerns of civic organizations, initiatives of industry associations, as well as national and local news events and developments that are all related to CIT transactions.

Create virtual enactments that will depict the scenarios as to when, where, howwhom and what will take place in the event that the perceived hazards happen. · In a value-based world, the sickest patients need the benefit of comprehensive team-based care to provide evidence-based treatment that will deliver desirable clinical outcomes while optimizing the cost of care — not a physician-hero who has an adverse effect on  · Adverse impact occurs when there is a significant difference in organizational outcomes to the This text is the best single repository for a comprehensive examination of the scientific research and practical issues associated with adverse An adverse impact results from employer practices that seem to be neutral but that disproportionately and negatively affect protected groups such as women and minorities.

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The impact of many environmental factors on semen parameters have been evaluated over the years to assist in counseling of subfertile men in efforts to optimize their semen parameters and overall Adverse impact, in the context of employment, refers to employment practices that appear neutral but have a discriminatory effect on a protected .

However, from an adverse impact perspective this isn't good enough. Reason is that humans are biased (there is a plethora of studies out there proving this).

And even if our biases (in most cases) are unconscious, we still base discriminatory decisions on

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