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Acc 509

It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Tibbets[1] who received promotion to full colonel in January Classen, who like Tibbets had combat experience in heavy bombers, commanding a Boeing B Flying Fortress with the 11th Bombardment Group.

Initial training operations identified numerous other modifications necessary to the mission, particularly in reducing the overall weight of the airplane to offset the heavy loads it would be required to carry. Five more Silverplates were delivered in November and six in December, giving the group 14 for its training operations.

The organization that was to become the th required its own transports for the movement of both personnel and materiel, resulting in creation of an ad hoc unit nicknamed "The Green Hornet Line". All those qualified for positions with the th chose to remain with the th rather than be assigned to a replacement pool of the Second Air Force.

It was commanded by U. Navy Captain William S. Parsonswho would accompany the Hiroshima mission as weaponeer. Its purpose was to provide "skilled machinists, welders and munitions workers" [21] and special equipment to the group to enable it to assemble atomic weapons at its operating base, thereby allowing the weapons to be transported more safely in their component parts.

Not until May did the th Composite Group reach full strength. The rd Air Engineering Squadron was unique in that it provided depot-level B maintenance in the field, obviating the necessity of sending aircraft back to the United States for major repairs.

The th Troop Carrier Squadron kept its base of operations at Wendover. In addition to its authorized strength, the th had attached to it on Tinian 51 civilian and military personnel of Project Alberta, and two representatives from Washington, D.

Purnell of the Military Policy Committee. PurnellBrigadier General Thomas F. FarrellColonel Paul W.

Acc 509

Tibbetsand Captain William S. On 26 July it made a refueling stop at Hickam FieldHawaii. The commander of a combat unit returning to the United States learned that the Skymaster had only one passenger and attempted to enter the C to requisition it as transport for his men.

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Acc 509

ACC Psychiatric Security Review Board: kb. ACC Transfer of Juvenile Services from DCF to Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch: kb.

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